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9 bad habits you must break to be more productive

Bad habits make you less creative and stifle your performance. Getting control of your bad habits is critical, and not just for productivity’s

Watching This YouTuber Restore Antiques Is Incredibly Satisfying - VICE

“I suffer from anxiety and have recently started watching your videos to relax. Its calming. Thank you,” one commenter wrote on YouTuber My

Social credit system coming to China, with citizens scored on behavior

A social credit system will go into effect next year across China, where every citizen will be scored based on their behavior. Good actions, like

This fan-made, nerd-approved edit of an iconic Star Wars scene took 2.5 years to make

Fast-paced editing, visual trickery, and extra footage make the iconic battle between Obi-Wan and Vader feel brand-new. One of the creators tells us

A Brutalist Apartment Draws Inspiration From a Concrete Bunker

Inspired by brutalism and the industrial heritage of Camperdown, this apartment for two design professionals evades warehouse conversion clichés. A

Microsoft launches a drag-and-drop machine learning tool

Microsoft today announced three new services that all aim to simplify the process of machine learning. These range from a new interface for a tool

Pig ‘Ebola’ Virus Sends Shock Waves Through Global Food Chain

Sign up for Next China, a weekly email on where the nation stands now and where it's going next. What started with a few dozen dead pigs in

Baking Soda Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Adding baking soda to your pre-workout ritual could up your endurance, especially when it comes to certain types of exercise. If you have a box of

Putin signs Runet law to cut Russia's internet off from rest of world

Russia's sovereign internet bill has been signed into law, giving authorities an easier way to block content. In a couple of years, Russia will have

With a Simple Twist, a ‘Magic’ Material Is Now the Big Thing in Physics

The stunning emergence of a new type of superconductivity with the mere twist of a carbon sheet has left physicists giddy, and its discoverer nearly

America is on the way to a majority minority future by 2045

By 2045, the U. S. as a whole is projected to become majority minority. And the changes are already underway: non-white Americans are now the majority

From Model T to Model 3: How Driving Changed Over a Century

A century of four-wheeled mobility. The automotive landscape of any given year is truly a snapshot of the time period. Cars are excellent barometers

This Is The End Of The Cycle

Both new households and new businesses are in secular decline. Goosing the stock market and GDP doesn't change this reality. Everyone wants every

Neck in knots? “Shoulder flossing” is the surefire way to loosen up

As much as I love yoga, a good chunk of a vinyasa flow can be pretty uncomfortable. High lunge with a twist? Not easy to hold. Chaturanga is just a

We Photoshopped an alternate cast of Avengers who almost got the roles

Avengers stans know the end is near, which means it's time to go back to the beginning. The very beginning. In honor of the highly anticipated film,

AI pioneer Sejnowski says it’s all about the gradient

To machine learning pioneer Terry Sejnowski, the mathematical technique called stochastic gradient descent is the “secret sauce” of deep learning,

Researchers 'reboot' pig brains hours after animals died

The brains of decapitated pigs can be partially revived several hours after the animal has died, researchers have revealed, with some of the functions

150 ways to make money without having to get a traditional job

Working 9 to 5: What a way to make a living. Or not. Roughly one in four Americans now earns at least some of their income from the gig economy — be

Advocates hoped census would find diversity in agriculture. It found old white people.

The Agriculture Department’s newly released 2017 Census of Agriculture is 820 pages of graphs, tables and puzzling shifts (half as many llamas but

Masters 2019: This Nike ad commemorating Tiger's win will hit you in every feel imaginable

Despite the fact Nike got out of the hard goods business, and the fact they recently shut down their 600K-plus follow Nike Golf Twitter account,

The secret to speaking with confidence is mastering these 5 powerful techniques

It has taken me years of practice to learn how, especially as one of the younger people in the room, to present myself well. The first time I was

World’s biggest airplane takes flight for the first time ever

Stratolaunch’s rocket-launching plane took off from Mojave, California early Saturday morningThe world’s largest airplane took flight for the

Incognito mode won’t keep your browsing private. Do this instead

Browser compartmentalization can help you escape the clutches of the data gathering machine. The big tech giants, online advertising companies, and

The seven-year itch: Assange's awkward stay in the embassy

When Julian Assange, disguised as a motorcycle courier, first walked up the steps of Ecuador’s small embassy behind Harrods in central London and